1. History of the Garage

    Here at Garage Force of Denver, we offer garage floor protection in Denver like you have never seen it before! Our patented garage floor coatings are over twenty times stronger than epoxy, and are even faster to install. If you are interested in our amazing polyurea and polyurethane materials, feel …Read More

  2. Garage Organization Tips

    Here at Garage Force of Denver, our garage floor coatings are 20 times stronger than epoxy, and easier to install. Feel free to give us a call for more information about how our coatings can protect your garage, give it a beautiful aesthetic, and even make it safer. In the meantime, everybody loves …Read More

  3. Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings

    For many people, their garage is their sanctuary. That is something we get here at Garage Force of Denver, which is why we are proud to help people improve their garage space with garage floor coatings from South Denver to Capitol Hill. Our garage floor coatings are aesthetic, strong, and made to la…Read More

  4. What Are Garage Floor Coatings?

    More and more, people are putting time and money into making their garage more comfortable and aesthetic. And why shouldn't they? It is a great use of space, and many people spend a hefty amount of time in their garage. For those who want to make their garage floor more textured, durable, and aesthe…Read More